Erotic Madness

Erotic Madness

Erotic Madness online dating site is the perfect platform for those looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. With hundreds of new members joining the site every day, the base is growing rapidly, and the male audience is mostly from affluent backgrounds, making it ideal for those seeking financial stability. Meanwhile, the female audience is beautiful and friendly, so it is easy to find someone compatible. Therefore, if you are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, read the Erotic Madness review, and we're sure that is the perfect place for you.
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  • Video and photo sharing
  • Free for females to respond
  • Flexible membership packages
  • Not really for serious relationships
  • Smaller dating pool than most

Erotic Madness Dating Site Review: Uncover Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Erotic Madness Dating Site Review

Are you ready to make your wildest dreams come true? Erotic Madness dating helps to make it happen! Service gathered a vast selection of beautiful and interesting girls who are ready for long conversations about the most intriguing topics. With Erotic Madness dating website, you can easily find the perfect match for you!

Platform designed to make online dating as simple and convenient as possible. You no longer need to spend hours sifting through millions of profiles in search of the right one. Instead, the service will send you profiles of girls that match your profile every day. This is why it is very important to be honest when filling out your profile on the site. By doing so, you can rest assured that will be able to quickly select the perfect matches for you. Erotic Madness matchmaking platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that connects its users.

Take advantage of online dating service today and make all of your wildest dreams a reality! So, what is Erotic Madness?

Erotic Madness Registration

Erotic Madness registration

Registering on EroticMadness is a straightforward process. Simply enter your email address and confirm the verification email. You can complete the profile at any time.

If you are new to the site, you won’t find the typical “Sign-up” or “Log-in” icons. Instead, simply click on “Unlock My Matches” or “Find My Matches” to be taken to the page where you can provide your city, gender and FS Score.

On the page, you’ll also see some blurred profiles with a “confidential” sign. The name, age and location of each should be visible.

To register, enter your email address and desired password and click the pink button that says “Unlock My Matches”. You’ll be taken to the homepage immediately.

Account, Searching Options and Filters

As a free member of Erotic Madness, you are limited in the information you can access. You are unable to send or receive messages or use searching features such as basic and advanced searching, as these are supposed to be done by the AI. However, you can “Claim” the profiles suggested to you, with the option of a $20 gift card if you claim two of the four profiles. However, clicking “Claim” on one of the profiles leads to another website which appears to be a scam site, so it is not recommended to follow through.

EroticMadness Profile Quality

As indicated on the website, your matches will be based on the information that you provide on your profile. Though you can only view your matches’ first name, age, location, and photo, even if you don’t provide any information, you will still get matches with a high compatibility score, which may be suspicious. It is recommended that you provide as much information as you are comfortable with in the narrative section of your Erotic Madness profile, as the AI will use this to determine the members that are the best match to your profile.

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Special Features

When signing up at Erotic Madness, there is limited information available, but there are some key features that can be used: such as access to a variety of content, the ability to interact with other members, and the ability to customize your profile:

Erotic Madness AI Matching

Instead of browsing for profiles, Artificial Intelligence Assistant will show you the top profiles with the highest compatibility to you. These matches are based on the information provided by both users, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

We are currently testing the compatibility feature and have made sure that women are equally represented as matches regardless of the declared gender on the profile. This ensures that everyone gets the same opportunity to find their perfect match.


If you guess, that the profile which has been paired with you is what you are seeking, you can select the “Claim” icon to make contact with the other member.


In conclusion, the Erotic Madness dating site provides a safe, secure and exciting platform for those looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. With a wide range of members from politicians, businesspeople, and showbiz men, there is something for everyone. The site is growing fast, with around 400 new members joining each day. Both men and women can find what they are looking for, and the girls are beautiful, friendly and know exactly what kind of man they want in their lives. Erotic Madness website is the perfect way to find your perfect match.

Erotic Madness website is the biggest service for mutually beneficial relationships ✔️ 400+ new members daily ✔️ Politicians, business people and showbiz men ✔️ Beautiful and friendly ladies who know what they want.
Trust & Fairness
Ease of Use
Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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Erotic Madness