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Sometimes, online dating can lead to more queries than responses – that is the reason why you are here, correct? Deciding when to finally online dating when to meet can be one of the most difficult issues to master. Should you meet up immediately, or should you take time to become familiar with them, or is it something that lies between? In this article, we will take a detailed look at the 5 key elements of when to ask to meet up online dating, which you have to take into consideration when making this choice.

When to ask to meet online dating

How Long Should You Message Someone Before Meeting?

If you’re at a point of considering asking somebody out on a date, it’s likely you’re going at it in the wrong way; either too early or too late. Both scenarios have the potential to result in the termination of what might have been a thrilling date. Follow our recommendations on online dating etiquette when to meet:

Don’t be in a rush

Presently, almost never is the ideal response. In spite of the fact that there may be a convincing explanation, for example, a film you both appreciate is playing for its last day at the nearby theater, this intense move will probably turn most people off. While when to meet up online dating that day may appear to be abrupt and enjoyable, it likewise can demonstrate that you are to some degree rash, which may alarm people to the possibility that you are not the person for them in the long haul.

This likewise implies being careful while visiting on the web, in any event for some time. A decent back and forth sets the pace for a more drawn out discussion, and whatever old-style rule you have been informed about pausing two days between contact doesn’t make a difference here—at this point. All that you do with respect to online dating is abbreviated: how you get data, how you channel through potential dates, and how you speak with one another.

It is important to immediately demonstrate interest but be concise when doing so. Ensure that there is mutual interest in the conversation and then make a polite departure. Follow up the next day to see if the feelings of chemistry are still present; if they are, it is likely that things are progressing in the right direction.

Initially, switch to text

Offering your number is an easy way of suggesting taking your chat to the next level without putting pressure on the other person to provide their number. Let them know that you’ve enjoyed talking to them and if they ever feel like texting you, here’s your number. More likely than not, they’ll text you back if they’re interested. However, if they don’t respond or don’t offer their own number, take it as them signalling they weren’t ready to take the conversation further.

No need to fret if that’s what’s going on. You can be grateful that you spared yourself from investing effort into someone who isn’t a suitable match. Though some people use dating apps primarily for casual flirting, it’s probably not a great idea to add “not here for a pen pal” to your profile. Unhappily, a lot of those “pen pals” are actually in relationships and maybe straying without crossing the line of infidelity – so you’re better off avoiding that situation altogether. You will also be interested to read our dating site reviews.

Let’s wait a week (or less)

Although it may not be ideal to arrange online dating when to meet in person right away, it is important not to wait too long either. Good timing is essential, and there is an optimal balance between too much and too little time. Everyone has different preferences, but a good rule of thumb is to ask if they would like to set up a date if it is Wednesday before the weekend. If it is Thursday or the weekend has already started, it is suggested to make plans for the upcoming weekend. This will provide the other person with sufficient time to consider the date and not feel overwhelmed if they are hesitant.

Keep an eye out for dealbreakers

When should I ask to meet online dating? Rather than entering into each potential dating situation with a pessimistic outlook, it is wise to give yourself a bit of extra time to communicate with the person before meeting them, so you can detect any elements that could either increase your enthusiasm for the meeting or lead to you concluding the conversation. This extra period of messaging will enable you to evaluate if you have enough in common to continue. Read also tips for speed dating.

So, what about a day off?

Online Dating When to Meet in Person

For some, a midweek first date may be preferable. A dinner or a beverage can seem lighter than a weekend rendezvous since it typically has a set end time. If the evening goes well, great, leaving both of you wanting more. But if things don’t work out, it’s not a problem as you can easily finish your meal or drink and go home.It provides both of you with a polite, convenient escape should you realize that you don’t have a connection in person. When asking for a date, make sure to do so at least three or four days prior to the meeting, as you don’t want to seem too pushy or assume they don’t have anything else planned.

Ultimately, it is likely that you and the other person will both sense when it is the right time to meet in person after online dating. If you click, you will likely come to the same conclusion about meeting up without the need for one of you to take the initiative. However, to ensure a successful first date, it is important to provide enough space, time and to have realistic expectations. If you’re single and want to flirt or play with ladies, or maybe realize your fantasies, then check out the list of hookup dating site reviews.


Meeting someone online can be a great way to find a potential partner. However, it is important to take the necessary steps to get to know them online before meeting them in person. According to research, it is recommended to wait at least two weeks before meeting someone in person that you met online. Additionally, taking advantage of online resources such as the ones provided by the trans websites mentioned in this article online dating when to meet in person, can help make the transition from online to offline smoother. Ultimately, with the right approach and some patience, you can find the perfect match online.

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